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Katherine Parthimos is a Montreal based artist, primarily focused on painting, although printmaking and sculpture are her secondary points of interest.

In her my practice, she is interested in exploring familiar domestic scenes and the contradictions of the millennial lifestyle. Suburbia has always been where she calls home and she is inspired by the different lifestyle of the suburbs. 

By working mostly with family photos she creates a feeling of Familiar by having a personal connection to the artwork and the imagery as well as being Familiar for the audience being able to recognize their own lives within. 

Aesthetically, She is interested in imagery with out of the ordinary compositions. Human relationships are very interesting to her. She often represents figures in active communication because she is interested in the physical space between a conversation or a movement, in which she believe creates a flow and a unity in the painting.

Katherine Parthimos: TeamMember


Featured in 'Compared to What'

Katherine Parthimos: Photo Gallery
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