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Painting, print media

Alexey was born in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and lived in Moscow (Russia) before moving to Montreal (Canada). Alexey holds a BA and MA degree in Political Science from Saint-Petersburg State University. Prior to being accepted to Concordia University Studio Arts Department, he studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire (UK). Alexey is currently finishing his BFA in Painting and Drawing (major) and Print Media (minor) while working as a visual communications officer at the International Council of Design. He has exhibited work in Canada, Russia, Spain and the United States.

Alexey Lazarev’s art investigates the relationships between migration, personal identity and social aspects of memory. With the world’s migration levels constantly rising and now affecting up to 5 percent of the global population, its issues are becoming more urgent and are in need of better visibility. Every day new questions are being raised, such as Where and what is home? How do experiences of the past relate to the new environment? What social roles are being assigned to the migrants? Are those roles authentic or, rather, a surrogate? What feelings and emotions the migrants are entitled to? Alexey’s work doesn’t offer solutions and don’t call for action, but rather invites the audience to become aware of the issues.

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Featured in 'Compared to What'

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